Your human body is designed to be in daily connection to the natural world.

Nature is an essential Nutrient

Are you getting enough Vitamin N?

Onelove Livity is a celebration of life in harmony with Nature

Connecting with nature is a healing, rejuvenating and ESSENTIAL part of life

Let’s weave together our personal and planetary wellness

It all starts with breathing deeply and remembering that YOU ARE NATURE



Greetings! Welcome to Onelove Livity. I’m Terri – your Nature & Wellness Mentor & Facilitator.

I joyfully connect people with nature to express their deepest inner nature. To me, personal and planetary wellness are One. We are all strands of an interconnected web and essentially we are all one in love – the unconditional love of the Earth experience. Nature can be our greatest unifier and source of bliss. Our planet is in peril but nature does not need us to ‘save it.’ Instead we need Nature more than ever to guide us forward to live in harmony within the Earth system and create lifestyles that are healthy, sustainable and enjoyable for all life forms. Connecting with nature and guiding you into an intimate relationship with the natural world is my passion. I hope you’ll join me… Read More

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