Onelove Livity is based in the small Caribbean island of The Commonwealth of Dominica – also known as ‘The Nature Island’

I deliver both in person and online programs to nurture your soulful connection to nature. Please take a look at the current offerings below. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Nature Wellness Retreat

Reclaim your inner sparkle.

Get in touch with your true nature.

Luxuriate on your customized Caribbean wellness retreat.

Learn More

Forest Bathing

Soak in the ambience of the forest and sink into mindfulness practices that allow you to slow down, and rejuvenate in harmony with nature Learn More

'I AM Nature' Affirmation Cards

The ‘I AM Nature’ Affirmation Cards are a deck of 32 cards that invite you into a powerful practice of Affirmation, Nature Connection and Gratitude. Buy them or Try them

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